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Your Authorized Johannus Dealer Since 2004

Founded in 2004, Florida Organ Works is committed to a principled approach within the church organ marketplace - from initial consultation through after-sales support.  Church music is first and foremost a calling of God, a fact we keep in mind as we deal with all of our clients, prospective clients, and competitors.  As an organist-owned company, we are deeply committed to the application of the organ in education and worship as one of the strongest guiding principals in our business philosophy.   

YOU CAN have an organ that sounds as good or better than many pipe organs.  YOU CAN have an organ where every stop is uniquely generated by real-time sampling of pipes on windchests - not based on calculations and algorithms or modified waveforms.  YOU CAN have an organ where each stop is independent.  YOU CAN have an organ where the console control systems are quickly available during actual performance. 

At Florida Organ Works, YOU CAN.  You and/or your church CAN have an organ that exceeds your expectations on every level and you CAN have it for less than you may have thought.  “Superb Quality, Sound Stewardship™” is not just a catchy slogan – it is how we do business at Florida Organ Works.  Come in, see and listen for yourself!!

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